SULFET Screen Printing Equipment manufactures different type of the machines for Textile sector.

Scorpion II

Servo Motor

Scorpion II has servo motor controlled rotation system and available for 10-12-14-16-18 colors.Browse Now


Servo Motor

This model is economical model who is looking for quality and price and available for 6-8-10 colors.Browse Now



Only difference is from Scorpion model pallet rotation system is pneumatic and available for 6-8-10 colors.Browse Now


Flexible Features

Moonstar is new model of the Oval Type Sulfet Printing Machine. Starting from 6 color to 50 color printing available.Browse Now

Socks – Gloves Printing

Quality Printing

Using this machine good quality and fast printing can be done on gloves and socks and available for one color to 6.Browse Now

Leather Printing

Smart Design

The Leather Printing Machine’s smart design is interesting to the leather sector with a conveyor printing band.Browse Now

Neck Print

Neck Print

Ense etiketleri üzerine 4-6-8-10 renge kadar kaliteli ve verimli baskı yapabilen makine modelimizdir.Browse Now


Powerful Vacuum

Using Philips metal halogen UV lamp and applying powerful vacuum get finest and high quality exposure.Browse Now

Textile Dryer


Suitable for the all kinds of textile dyes also Sulfet textile dryers can work all geographic regions without trouble.Browse Now

Squeegee Grinder

Better Quality Prints

Suitable for sharpen for new squeegees or re-sharpen for the worn-out squeegee after long time services.Browse Now

Paint Mixer

Low Noise - No Vibration

Its strong torque motor is suitable for high viscous materials. Easy cleaning and maintain.Browse Now

Flock Printing

Colorful Flock Printing

Flock printing system can be use independently or operated by the operator. In that case color printing can be done.Browse Now