Scorpion II

Scorpion II has gained wide appreciation for optimum performance, designed to perfection the machine has gained wide appreciation in the textile industry. Low power consumption, optimum performance and low maintenance great for the Scorpion II.

Scorpion II has Servo Motor controlled rotation system which printing can be done both direction and printing scala. Scorpion II is available for 10-12-14-16-18 colors.

In our system using the light aluminum alloyed body, big size of printing even jumbo size can be done without problem and greater versatility than other press available.

The Scorpion II is the key to unlocking your unlimited creativity.

Comparison Table Between Scorpion II & Scorpion

The Features of Printing Machine Scorpion II Scorpion
Touch Screen Panel (inch) 12 7
Pneumatic Mold Keeping System
  • Pressure Adjustment System (Gage) on Print Head
  • Individual Off Contact Regulation
  • Height (mm) 2000 1800